Pine Creek
In 1938 somewhere near Slate Run

Train condutor for the Pine Creek Rail Road.   A thank you to Jim Rader for the blurb below and the wonderful pictures that he wanted to share with everyone.

"Thought someone might enjoy some pictures of the "old days" of Pine Creek. My Grandfather, O.C. Rader, the guy standing next to the engine, worked on this line out of Corning, NY from 1905 till about 1946. He married my Grandmother, Nellie Morrison, daughter of James Morrison of Cedar Run, PA. My father, J.W. Rader, followed in O.C.'s footsteps and became an engineer on the same line until retiring in 1974. If I remember correctly, the winter train photo was taken in 1938 somewhere near Slate Run. My father took the picture. Good chance my Grandfather was the engineer. Note the two engines (double headed). Nice site you have. Hope to get back and visit soon. Jim Rader"

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